World Happiness Fest

World Happiness Fest


Day 1


Health and Mental Health

Health and Mental Health 16/03/2020

Health as a state of well-being

  1. Why and how to deal with mental health? 
  2. The mind, the brain and the heart. The last discoveries and their applications. 
  3. The keys for a healthy nutrition in the 21st century. 
  4. Addictions. How can we overcome them and how can we recover from them? 
  5. Well-being and aging. The future of humanity is here. 
  6. The importance of physical exercise to generate consistency in mental health. 

Sement aimed at mental health specialists

Doctors, nurses, public health managers, psychologists, psychiatrists.


Day 2


Public Policy and The Economy of Happiness and Wellbeing

Public Policy and The Economy of Happiness and Wellbeing 17/03/2020

Welfare economics is a branch of economic and political science that tells us about economic efficiency and social welfare, analyzing the general well-being in terms of the economic activities of the individuals who make up a society. The well-being of these individuals is the goal of this economy.

Within this economy, the political task is to take responsibility for maintaining a minimum standard of living and seeking maximum efficiency of their individuals without harming others.


Day 3


Transformative Technologies

Transformative Technologies 18/03/2020

Transformative technology applied to health, work and well-being

  1. How can we reduce stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and fear?
  2. How can we amplify self-consciousness, resilience, happiness, wellbeing and social-emotional skills?
  3. How can we improve mental and emotional cognition, abilities and performance?
  4. Ethics and technology

Segment aimed at technology and wellbeing specialists for emotional intelligence


Day 4


Happiness at work

Happiness at work 19/03/2020

Quality and the workplace influence the well-being of people around the world

  • What does a Chief Happiness Officer do? Why do companies have a CHO and their tactics to create happier workplaces?

  • How to create a happiness programme at work?

  • One-on-One with Mo-Gawdat in Everyday Happiness. Rebel and visionary Mo-Gawdat business about happiness at work.

  • How do self-managed workplaces unleash happiest leaders? What happens when bosses are replaced by general leadership?

Segment aimed at talent specialists, CFO, CHO, CEO and managers.


Day 5


Human development, social impact and environment

Human development, social impact and environment 20/03/2020

Balancing our own development with work and social life has become the key to happiness. Only a community inhabited by self-aware citizens and their environment can turn a set of individuals into a society.

Concepts such as recycling or social responsibility are only possible to take them highly into consideration if we understand that we are part of a whole but without sacrificing our identity. It's the power of the concept of group membership.


Day 6


Positive education

Positive education 21/03/2020

Positive education is strategic for human flourishing. It builds on communication, love, understanding and empathy to enjoy family relationships and gives parents tools to understand their children's behaviour (even when it is not appropriate) and redirect it with respect, without power struggles and always positive. Positive discipline is based on respect and aims to promote the maturation of children, so that they are responsible, self-sufficient and happy adults.

This Agora, specially designed as a point of reflection for the educational community, aims to analyze where education is going, or where education should go.