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  • 21/03/2019



Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) is a hub of education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship, aspiring to become a solid bridge of knowledge between Morocco, Africa and the world.

Located in the “Mohammed VI Green City” in Ben Guerir, near Marrakech, UM6P applies a “learning by doing” approach and develops sound partnerships with world-wide class universities, to promote leadership and training in focused research areas.

By contributing to the training of a new generation of African researchers, entrepreneurs and leaders, UM6P is committed to positioning Morocco and Africa at the forefront of technology and human Sciences.



Accelerating Morocco into the ranks of the leading research nations. To address the biggest challenges facing Africa and the World by pushing disciplinary frontiers of research and relying on its living laboratories in order to translate ideas into practical applications. To educate the next generation of culturally-aware and socially-responsible critical thinkers, problem-solvers, skilled entrepreneurs and global leaders. To provide a cutting-edge, world-class education system promoting a culture of diversity and meritocracy. To develop long-lasting partnerships with leading universities and research centers, governments, corporations and institutions nationally and globally for the betterment of humankind.



City of Ben Guerir 

The green city of Ben Guerir is known as the 1st Green City in Africa and has been experiencing strong dynamism for several years, thanks to several projects launched with royal visits in 2012 and 2017. The OCP group has launched a major project for the first green city in Africa, the green city Mohammed VI, whose heart is the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, which aims to become a global and continental hub for research and training in all fields and disciplines that interest Morocco and Africa in general. This university has established several strategic partnerships with major global institutions (MIT, Columbia, Paris School of Mines, PennState, Sciences Po, Colorado School of Mines, etc.). UM6P is developing several schools and research institutes, with its various partners, among which EMINES-School Of Industrial Management With Mines ParisTech Green Energy Park with IRESEN (Solar Energy Research Center) Africa Business School with Columbia ESAFE with UPenn EGE with Sciences Po Simlab. Other schools are under development (Health, Architecture, Chemistry, etc.). The University is socially just, particularly through its scholarship program promoting academic excellence.



Mounia Tazi tuned to positive psychology research and become a Chief Officer of Happiness and trainer in Happiness at Work, after 15 years as a Marketing and Strategy Manager of the biggest media group in North Africa “2M Morocco.” 

She is passionate about creating a new concept of TV reality Shows and public live events that create Happiness and resonate with the fast changing taste of the audience in the digital age because of the impact of the technological development. 

As a game changer of the Moroccan audiovisual landscape, she imposes herself in a male-dominated field in Morocco by breaking the rules in the traditional media, building new bridges that never existed before between announcers and television, creating  a strong dynamic that allows high records in audience rating, matching international standards. She realized early on in this adventure that evolving on the personal life front and being Happy was essential; her aim is to inspire workers to boost their positivity ratio; not only does this boost morale, creativity and productivity in the workplace, it can also help to create a community. So she trained to become  a Chief Officer of Happiness in Danemark and got her certification in Positive Psychology


Mounia Tazi - Chief Officer of Happiness

While she is a trainer and mentor, her purpose is to contribute to others with her experience to spread Happiness at Work  in companies, to improve creativity and productivity, and to keep the balance between personal and professional life. She expands as an influencer and speaker and beyond, so she created her blog “” where she conducts interviews with researchers from Harvard, best-seller authors, and other high level institutions about Happiness and Positive Psychology like Tal Benshahar, Shawn Achor, Alexxander Kjerulf Danemark, Dr. James Hard Biocybernet, and Dr. Saamdou Buthan. As she is a nature lover and advocate of a sustainable and wellbeing lifestyle, Mounia trains companies on more productivity, effective negotiations, sales, and branding. She participated at the biggest event in USA for Women; EWomen network Dallas where she learned about Happiness from Shawn Achor (Harvard), then hosted the first Happiness at Work event in Casablanca in 2017, she was a speaker at eBay New York where she talked about Happiness and Ambition, then she participated in the World Happiness Summit Miami as a tribe facilitator, and then she become the Exclusive Strategic Partner of  the World Happiness Agora.  

Mounia has an Executive MBA in Management and Leadership, is a CPA, is certified as a Chief Officer of Happiness from Dannich Academy, has a Certification in Positive Psychology, and is a facilitator of Access Consciousness and Thetahealing. She is now writing a book about Happiness and success. 


Joining via live stream

Gilda Scarfe BA(Ed), LLB, M.Ed. CAPP is the CEO of Positive Action UK and has supported Illuminate Education – a non-profit organisation promoting Positive Education initiatives – though advice on strategic direction and implementation of Positive Education. She has been responsible for the organisation and implementation of Positive Education strategies at Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, Kings School in Canterbury, Simon Langton Grammar School for Girls and has worked with state funded schools (i.e. Canterbury High, Southfield School, St Anselm etc.) to promote and imbed positive psychology in the PHSE curriculum.

Gilda has a formal background in education and law. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in positive psychology at Queens University.

Glida Scarfe - CEO and Founder  - IPEN Global Representative 


Gilda’s dream is for every school in the UK to fully and seamlessly incorporate positive education into their curriculum and application for students, staff, and families. Her work includes strategic planning for designing, delivering and implementing wellbeing and mental toughness programmes in schools, framework redesign for primary and secondary schools, as well as strengths-based coaching using the VIA instrument.

Passionate about improving wellbeing and mental toughness in education through innovative, yet simple, interventions, Gilda is always keen to bridge the gap between academics and practitioners in making a practical and powerful impact to the world of education.



Morocco achieves a Happy Planet Index Score of  32.7  and ranks 33rd of all the countries analysed


Though not as atmospheric as other Moroccan cities, Casablanca is the best representation of the modern nation. This is where money is being made, where young Moroccans come to seek their fortunes and where business and the creative industries prosper.

The city's handsome Moorish buildings, which meld French-colonial design and traditional Moroccan style, are best admired in the downtown area. Visitors who spend time there, in the Quartier Habous and in the beachside suburb of Ain Diab, are sure to get into the local swing of things and realise that this old pirate lair is looking towards the future, embracing the European-flavoured urban sophistication that has underpinned life here for the past century.

The number of construction projects currently under way here is simply extraordinary – major redevelopments include those at Place Mohammed V and the Parc de la Ligue Arabe, and new public buildings include the Grand Théâtre de Casablanca.