Ágora Perú - Lima

Ágora Perú - Lima

Date: 19/03/2020
Address: , 15082
Location: Cercado de Lima
Country: Peru

Being happy looks spectacular



Mónica Castañeda

Mónica Castañeda

Aware Leader Entrepreneur. Specialized in Human Resources with extensive experience in management, administration, institutional development, and improvement of training processes with academic and creative rigor. Founder  of YUPPYsince 2000 . Author of the series "Cuentos chicos para ser grandes", "Mi mamá tiene la culpa" and Ambassador for Peace in March 2015.


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A space to enjoy experiences of happiness, such as state, next to renowned exhibitors who, through talks, workshops and other free activities in disciplines such as art, health, exercise, fashion, company, animals, planet, cuisine, media, justice and life itself, will share their secret. For the first time in Lima, Peru, in #worldhappinessfest in simultaneously with 60 countries. Sign up for mcastaneda@yuppy.pe








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