Health and Mental Health

Health and Mental Health

Health and Mental Health
Date: 16/03/2020
Time: From 14:00 to 20:00
Location: Retransmisión en directo (streaming)
Address:, Online
Location: Online

Health as a state of well-being

  1. Why and how to deal with mental health? 
  2. The mind, the brain and the heart. The last discoveries and their applications. 
  3. The keys for a healthy nutrition in the 21st century. 
  4. Addictions. How can we overcome them and how can we recover from them? 
  5. Well-being and aging. The future of humanity is here. 
  6. The importance of physical exercise to generate consistency in mental health. 

Sement aimed at mental health specialists

Doctors, nurses, public health managers, psychologists, psychiatrists.


Addressing mental health in a pandemic and infodemic state of the world ... there is hope.
Luis Gallardo
Luis Gallardo Fundador del World Happiness Fest + Info
Kathryn Goetze
Kathryn Goetze MBA + Info
Shekhar Saxena
Shekhar Saxena Profesor de Práctica de Salud Mental Global en la Universidad de Harvard + Info
Dr. Julian Eaton
Dr. Julian Eaton Co-Director, CGMH + Info
Luis Gallardo
Luis Gallardo Fundador del World Happiness Fest + Info
Dafne Cataluña
Dafne Cataluña Fundadora del IEPP + Info
Aroa Ruiz
Aroa Ruiz + Info
Eva Herber
Eva Herber + Info
Rebeca Gómez
Rebeca Gómez + Info
Eva Rodríguez
Eva Rodríguez Responsable de Marketing del IEPP + Info
Transforming adversity into opportunities.
Dr. Edith Shiro
Dr. Edith Shiro Psicóloga Clínica + Info
A happy body
Nazareth Castellanos
Nazareth Castellanos + Info
Compassion and its impact.
Javier García Campayo
Javier García Campayo Director del Master de Mindfulness de la Universidad de Zaragoza + Info
Why hope changes the world
Kathryn Goetze
Kathryn Goetze MBA + Info
Neuroplasticity; Happiness as a Habit
Elizabeth Lombardo
Elizabeth Lombardo PhD + Info
ONLINE - Noetic Global Gathering: Exploring Lifetime Experiences and their Effects on Our Health
Helané Wahbeh
Helané Wahbeh Directora de Investigación + Info
Activating and Connecting Young People to create Mental Health Friendly Cities
Lukoye Atwoli
Lukoye Atwoli Global Technical Director + Info
Sam Talam
Sam Talam CEO Amazing Minds Africa + Info

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Kathryn Goetze

Kathryn Goetze


Kathryn Goetzke, MBA, is an entrepreneur, strategic consultant and fighter against the global depression. She is the founder and humor director of The Mood Factory, with more than $35 million for retail and she launched the first national cause marketing campaign to increase mental health by more than $1 million. She is the founder of iFred and an award-winning programme teaching Hope (Hopeful Minds). She is a regular contributor to Thrive Global and PsychCentral. She is a member of the advisory boards of FundaMentalSDG, Y Mental Health, Women's Brain Brain Project and the Global Mental Health Movement. Kathryn and her work has appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine, Home, InStyle, Family Living, Scholastic, Health, Psychology Today, and has spoken at the United Nations, MHA, the World Bank, GMHM, the Kennedy Forum and more.


Detail Information

Our state of life has already made mental disorders "the most common cause of disease in the European Union, ahead of even cardiovascular disease and cancer," with an impact on people's quality of life "above chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis or respiratory pathologies."

Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions or social phobia has become common disorders, with a really alarming impact on children and teenagers. The most common disorders in adolescents can range from depression, eating disorders - anorexia, bulimia or binge eating disorder - addictions - not necessarily alcohol or drugs, but dependence on new technologies or video games, even other disorders that may go unnoticed when considering their own symptoms of adolescence. These can be a dissocial personality disorder that makes them antisocial and violent, social phobia or even an adaptive disorder to the environment that causes stress - change of school, separation of parents or moving to a new place, for example.

How to deal with this new situation will be the central topic of the Agora that will be held on Monday 16th in Madrid. A great European capital which, with its frenetic pace, also suffers the consequences of the speed and pressure imposed.

There, we will see the latest discoveries in the relationship of mind, brain and heart, how to overcome additions or how physical exercise can help us improve our mood.

The specialists and speakers of this day dedicated to health will also cover the relationship between work and mental health. 

Neuroscience will be another point of interest at the hand of Neuroquotient.

The World Happiness Fest Health Agora thus tries to be a point of reflection on the new paths that open up to improve our mental and physical health worldwide.