Transformative Technologies

Transformative Technologies

Transformative Technologies
Date: 18/03/2020
Time: From 15:00 to 20:00
Location: Retransmisión en directo (streaming)
Address:, Online
Location: Online

Transformative technology applied to health, work and well-being

  1. How can we reduce stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and fear?
  2. How can we amplify self-consciousness, resilience, happiness, wellbeing and social-emotional skills?
  3. How can we improve mental and emotional cognition, abilities and performance?
  4. Ethics and technology

Segment aimed at technology and wellbeing specialists for emotional intelligence


Greetings from the agora of the World Happiness Fest and Iñigo Vallejo TRIVU
Luis Gallardo
Luis Gallardo Fundador del World Happiness Fest + Info
The future is exponential. Are you ready?
Luis Gallardo
Luis Gallardo Fundador del World Happiness Fest + Info
Jimmy Pons
Jimmy Pons Transformative Tech Madrid Chapter Leader & Mindful Travel founder + Info
Paola Téllez
Paola Téllez Transformative Tech Global Director of Community & Impact Minds founder + Info
Alvaro Guirao
Alvaro Guirao + Info
Andrés Sanfiel
Andrés Sanfiel CEO Graffos + Info
María González
María González Co-Founder & CEO Tucuvi + Info
Milan Vlček
Milan Vlček Founder & CEO Wellmee + Info
Transforming cities for human flourishing. Professor Agnis Stibe
Agnis Stibe
Agnis Stibe + Info
Reflections on Technology and ethics.
Carlos Grau
Carlos Grau CEO at Mobile World Capital Barcelona + Info
Miguel Silva
Miguel Silva Moderador mesa + Info
Fernando Suárez
Fernando Suárez + Info
The Happiness Algorithm.
Elías Azulay
Elías Azulay + Info
Greetings from the agoras of the World Happiness Fest: México DF, Miami, Luxemburgo, New York, Alemania y Francia
Tecnologías transformadoras para el florecimiento humano. Listo?
Nichol Bradford
Nichol Bradford + Info
From Seeking Finding. A Path to Inner Peace
 Dr. Jeffery A. Martin
Dr. Jeffery A. Martin + Info

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Nichol Bradford

Nichol Bradford

Is the Executive Director and founder of Willow Group and the Executive Director and co-founder of Transformative Technology Lab, Conference and TT200


Detail Information

How are technologies going to transform our lives? That's the big question we're going to ask ourselves at World Happiness Fest on Wednesday under the title Transformative Technologies.

Technology is changing our world at a great rate. And we're not just talking about communications. Work, medicine and even neurology are being influenced by advances in this field that are irreversibly affecting our way of understanding the world.

How our lives will change and the ethical constraints that such technology may have will be the two big points of this day.

One of the examples that we can see about how to combine all these factors will be The Holistic Concept a renewing company in Madrid that seeks technological solutions dedicated to companies that want to improve the well-being of their workers. Its creators, Carla Sánchez and Marta Sánchez-Moreno will tell us how they are getting these results.

There will also be a gap to know the present of advances in neurotechnology and emotional intelligence and how, in general, all this new technology is improving our state of well-being.

Technologies have revolutionized the possibility of solving our needs, they offer us - for example - the possibility of having much more information in our palm and, in return, it has retired thousands of objects (calculators, agents, cameras, encyclopedias...), has also created a market of online transactions categorically reducing the need to move through thousands of managements creating and destroying new jobs.