Ágora Estados Unidos - Miami

Ágora Estados Unidos - Miami

Date: 19/03/2020
Location: Wynwood
Address: Minds Coworking. 114 NW 25th St, FL 33127
Location: Miami
Country: United States

Four looks of happiness


Marisela Cuevas Sarmiento

Marisela Cuevas Sarmiento

Marisela Cuevas Sarmiento, Venezuelan, based in the United States. Economist, strategic consultant and business mentor who directly supports entrepreneurs, understanding that, through the creation of new businesses, people can self-realize by monetizing their passion underpinned by a strong, profitable and sustainable over time, by  formulating their value proposition based on positive emotions that then have cross-cutting support in the business model. She has been a university professor of Macroeconomics and Neuroeconomics and holds a PhD in Political Studies where her thesis deals with the Economics of Happiness.  

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We want to generate a space for reflection on happiness from the economic sphere, show the advances that from the Happiness Economy can be made so that the inhabitants of the planet can access it. In order to do that,  we will discuss financial aspects related to the well-being that generates the proper management of money and the vision of happiness as a philosophy of life. In short: happiness in the field of public policy, money as a necessary part, but not enough and assuming happiness as a personal commitment to ourselves.

This activity will have the participation of three speakers, in addition to the organizer:

María Emilia Gambuza.

Andreína  Atencio, motivational coach, psychologist.

Gustavo Grande, director of the IDEA Center at Miami Dade College (MDC)

Marisela Cuevas Sarmiento, strategic consultant and business mentor. Economist

The event  will  last for two hours, each participation will take 30 minutes. The can seat up to 40 people. The activity is free of charge.

In addition, we will also count with the collaboration of sponsors who will sponsor the event with catering, drinks and snacks for all attendees.

More information: www.mariselacuevas.com