Ágora Alemania-Dusseldorf

Ágora Alemania-Dusseldorf

Date: 20/03/2020
Time: From 17:00 to 20:00
Location: Düsseldorf
Address: Posener Str. 156, 40231
Location: Düsseldorf
Country: Germany

to be simply happy


Eve Simon

Eve Simon

EVE SIMON is German by nature, Californian by heart - that promises an unusual approach in all Eve does - from Future of Leadership Salon to Ladies Lead to MindfulnessLab. Eve was leading several divisions in Telecommunications for 14 years before founding her boutique consulting firm InspirationWithoutBorders since 2005. With her global perspective, Eve brings new impulses and creative ideas to her clients to transform companies into the force for good. She urges for a collective and sustainable new work approach which is to be found also in her TEDx talk, “The Future of Leadership.” Her driver: creating the future under a new paradigm: well-being for all - people, business and the planet. Just recently Eve curated a book with 22 bold and authentic stories about finding your purpose. The www.purpose-book.com became a Bestseller on Amazon over night in the category of business ethics.

Detail Information

Building on last years wonderful gathering at Havas Germany, also this year we want to meet again. But instead of input and frontal sounding like last year, we're going to do it differently this time. We be fully HUMAN! And co-create together!

On Friday, March 20th we will meet from 5 to 8 pm at Halle Mensch in Dusseldorf to be simply happy (and not just to hear about it). 

And what makes us happy? 
Delicious food, nice conversations with great people, barefoot in the sand (to play beach volleyball) and of course music and dance.

Are you with us? Get your ticket quickly. 

And what means 'co-creative'?
Everyone who comes, please bring a little something for dinner. This can be anything (meatballs, salad, finger food, dessert - whatever you like). I am sure we will get a great buffet together. Always calculate the amount for 5 people.

And afterwards it's up to you. Get creative. What makes you happy? Here are a few ideas...

• DJ or DJane? Want to DJ or add to our Happiness Spotify Playlist?
• Feel like yoga or meditation (great, we look forward to your input)
• Paintparty (yeah ... bring what you need)
• Free hugs (sure, Burnigman is everywhere)
• Dressing up (be who you want to be)

There are no limits to creativity. 

Drinks are available at the location. And yes, bring your children along (free admission).

We are looking forward to seeing you,
Eve, Lisa and Erika