Mar Castro

Mar Castro

Expert in Protocol and Oratory and pioneer in the research and dissemination of NETiqueta in Spain.

I am an enthusiastic consultant and trainer that love communication and protocol. Doctor of Communication with a novel thesis focused on NETiqueta, discussed in the talks TEDxGalicia 2016: "Internet, as life itself" and in TEDxSanFroilán 2018: "Universo NETiqueta: people, communication, emotions" 

I believe in the goodness of a smile and the implementation of values, as noble as necessary, focused on preparation, integrity, flexibility, effort, dedication, gratitude, dynamism, courtesy, loyalty, humility, sensitivity and Discretion.

In recent years I have taught as a professor at different Spanish and Ibero-American universities and business schools, presenter of social and professional events, consultant and coach for companies, speaker in talks, postgraduate courses, conferences and congresses protocol, communication and oratory.

All this has provided me, in addition to experience in different disciplines, the ability to transmit my knowledge to different audiences and has made me an accessible and adaptable person in any type of professional environment: academic, business, etc.