María Talavera

María Talavera

Master of ceremony

Communicator and Healthy Habits Consultant. Life mentor.

More than 15 years of research, training and experience in the field of wellbeing, personal development, coaching, mindfulness and other disciplines focused on self-knowledge.

"My motivation is to be able to help people have a fuller, more harmonious and happier life."


. Professor at MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program) at Brown University, USA.

. Master's Degree in Integral Communication from the University of Alcalá

. Diploma in Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts in the Specialty of

Film and Television Production by TAI School, Madrid.

. Graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts of Madrid in the Specialty of Graphic Design

Entrepreneurship in the field of welfare

. Co-founder of the platform for awareness, well-being, ecology and sustainability:

. Web creator of personal development and healthy habits:

. Partner and member of the Yump Expert Committee, APP that creates healthy habits.

. Creator and principal of Followlead, School of Quality of Life.


Collaborator in the supplements Buenavida (El País), ZEN (El Mundo), Objective Wellness, and on television with "Now Marta", by Telemadrid, and in "Today for Today" in the SER.