Andrés Sanfiel

Andrés Sanfiel

CEO Graffos

Andrés Sanfiel is an expert in Graphs and Documentscopy, Graphopsychologist and Clinical Graphopatologist, Vice President of ANPEC, National Association of Experts, researcher with Interpol and is Founder and CEO of Graffos.

As Founder of Graffos he has designed a mobile application that allows improving the mental performance of the human being by means of graphomotor neurological stimulation.

With more than 15 years of experience in working to help people regain their manual ability to produce writing and improve fine psychomotor skills, his research is based on the application of massive biometric data capture, by using the filtering of the BigData to come to know aspects of human mental performance, totally unknown and new, and by trying to produce an own  machine learning that serves to improve the potential of the human brain so that it could develop at a faster speed to shorten the digital gap between technology and its natural evolution. His aspiration is to achieve a Smart Island Lab using the IoT provided by Fiware, by developing in three verticals, Mental Wellness for Elderly, Academic Student Performance and Mindful Travel.

He has obtained island, national and international recognitions thanks to the design of this application, that have allowed the implementation in high performance athletes such as riders of the MotoGP World, Olympic Committee of Guatemala, remethysts of the RCN of Arrecife and Tenerife, Spanish Athletics Federation, Weightlifting Technology Center of the Government of the Canary Islands, etc.

He has won different awards and recognitions like:


FIMAC Award, Macaronesia SME Acceleration Platform using Internet of the Future (IoT) technologies.

Open Future finalist Movistar Rafa Nadal.

Finalist TTA ACADEMY, Tranformative Technology Academy.