Matilde Pelegrí Torres

Matilde Pelegrí Torres

President of Grupo SENDA

President of Grupo SENDA

Matilde Pelegrí Torres is a chemical engineer, expert in social communication, and diploma in General Business Management.

In 1982, she began her professional activity in the field of scientific-technical edition, joining the team that launched the magazine NUCLEAR SPAIN.

In 1986, she was part of the founding group of Senda Editorial, SA, and was named director of the specialized publications edited by the company.

In 1995, she led a major shareholder change and assumed the General Directorate of Senda Editorial, initiating a process of diversification towards the editing of publications aimed at the general public, specifically the senior collective and the social health sector.

In 2010, she promoted the creation of SENDA Awards, which recognize the active participation of the elderly and the role of companies, institutions and professionals in improving the quality of life in the society.

Grupo SENDA currently publishes three monthly and three quarterly headers, all of which are nationally widespread, with more than one hundred and forty thousand monthly readers. It also publishes its own digital publications and professional associations.

Matilde Pelegrí is a member of the SNE (Spanish Nuclear Society) and the SEPR (Spanish Society for Radiological Protection).

She is also a member of ASEME (Spanish Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Madrid), and of the AEEPP (Spanish Association of Periodic Publications Editorials), of which she is a member of its Board of Directors. On behalf of these associations she participates in work commissions of CEOE and CEIM.

In May 2013 she received the Business Prize of the Year from the Autonmous region of Madrid.

In March 2015 she was elected Vice President of ASEME.