Aldara Martitegui

Aldara Martitegui

Table moderator

Journalist, coach, emotional intelligence expert and certified mindfulness instructor (MBSR).

She directs the coaching section in the NIUS digital journal where she writes about psychology, personal development and education.

Prior to this, she worked for 20 years as an international editor on News Four and CNN+.

In 2016 she founded The Coaching Post, a project that was born with the purpose of generating spaces of consciousness in the field of communication and education.

She has been teaching her Journalism Conscious course for future communicators and journalists at Francisco de Vitoria University for several years; a formation that deepens the meaning of this profession, that puts the focus on the person and that seeks to reconnect with the values inherent in journalism, such as service, commitment, responsibility, sensitivity and respect.

As an expert coach in emotional intelligence and mindfulness she teaches various trainings for aware parents and participates in several projects for the implementation of mindfulness in the educational field.