What is the World Happiness Fest? 

Founded by Luis Gallardo in 2016.

It is the world's largest, most diverse, polycentric and comprehensive forum of happiness and well-being experts, thought leaders, activists, shapers, and game-changers.

We are connecting the world through Agoras (chapters) and our social media hub and using communications technology to maximize the impact of our social interactions to connect online and offline.

When and Where?

The week of March 16th to the 22nd, 2020. Wherever you are in the world, you can join the main stage of the World Happiness Fest in Spain, or at any of the +60 Agoras around the world. There will be LIVE interactions online and offline through the Agoras located in all five continents that will host local experiences while connected to the global network.

Why We Need You

Together, we are going to define the future of happiness and well-being. Not from a technology, governance or business point of view, but from a human-centric view, a whole-being perspective, the will of creating a world with new paradigms where humans and societies can flourish. 

Happiness is a state of being. At the World Happiness Fest, we are not only going to listen to talks, but we are going to experience heart to heart learning, even virtually. From guided meditations to brain mapping; transformative technologies will be part of the experience. 

To realize a world with less loneliness requires awareness, courage, and love, the World Happiness Virtual Agora will build on the three components of extraordinary interaction. They are: 

Who Will Be There?

More than 180 thought leaders from all over the world will share their ideas about the future of happiness and well-being with thousands of participants. Scientists, founders, artists, business leaders, researchers, and activists will share their brightest ideas about the future of happiness, about the way we can realize a thriving future, for all. 


Join the Initiative and Become an Agora Host in Your City

Getting to #TenBillionHappy by 2050 is a big deal. We need you!

Do you share the same values and want to help realize a world with more happiness and less misery? If we work together, we can maximize the impact of the Virtual Agora at both a global and local level. 

We are planning a fantastic World Happiness Fest that promises to be unique and compelling. You can help by becoming an Agora Host in your city. Join us!

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Ready to Share Your Bright Ideas?

We are looking for ideas, bold and wise, that can solve a human issue that prevents us from achieving inner peace, that unfocus us from making happiness, and our well-being core to collective human development. Do you have what we are looking for? Share your idea today.

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