Spain will host The World Happiness Fest 2020

Spain will host The World Happiness Fest 2020

  • 23 SEP, 2019

After its time in the United States and Mexico, from now on Spain will be the host country of the World Happiness Fest, the largest, most comprehensive global forum of opinion leaders, change agents and experts in Happiness and Well-being.

The forum takes continuous action over time but, on the occasion of the celebration of World Happiness Day on March 20, 2020, a week-long event that will bring together more than 180 scientists, artists, business leaders and researchers will be held. The aim is to share ideas and invite reflection on a new development model geared towards the creation of well-being.

The agenda includes workshops, round tables, conferences and a large number of activities dedicated to well-being at work, education, technology, art, music, health, food or personal development. The actions developed by the World Happiness Fest will always take the social impact into account, as they are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, a common challenge to improve the quality of life of the whole planet and to make it endure in time. 

The forum is based on Spain with the aim of positioning our country as a benchmark in the generation of Well-being, a place from which to expand its activities to the whole world. The World Happiness Fest is led by the Spanish entrepreneur Luis Gallardo, who is also chairman of the International Advisory Board of Transformative Technologies, a member of the Board of Directors of the International Day of Happiness of the United Nations and president of the Brands & Rousers Foundation. 

A real commitment to well-being 

The World Happiness Fest has as one of its objectives the commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, established during the General Assembly in 2015. Countries around the world signed an agreement at the UN that collected the 17 objectives containing specific tasks to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity.

In parallel and through the agoras, the forum encourages the participation of entrepreneurs who are located in other countries and interested in the subject. These are open spaces used to unite people from all over the world by building a global community that believes in a free, aware and happy humanity. For this edition, more than 60 agoras are expected to participate. 

The World Happiness Fest organizes events of different types through its digital platform and in a face-to-face way all over the world constantly. In addition, it maintains a year-round Observatory of Happiness. To learn more, visit their website.