8 Tips to Be Happy on Social Media

8 Tips to Be Happy on Social Media

  • 02 OCT, 2019

Social media is one of the main ways of communicating with others. The conversations we have in them often determine our mood, so it is important to use them in an appropriate way if we want to encourage our happiness and that of those around us. Making others feel good isn't very complicated:

1.- Listen to others in an active way. Empathizing with those who write the messages that come to us is the key to everything. We may or may not agree with what we read on social media, but before we respond we must put ourselves in each other's shoes. The written word is always missing nuances, it tries to put into context the messages you receive.

2.- Don't answer everything. No one knows everything, our opinion is only constructive when we can contribute something to the conversation, when it improves the experience of others. Sometimes we can only learn from what we read, others just check that there are those who don't think like us and won't let themselves be convinced.

3.- Always participate in a positive tone: Build. Getting into a permanent discussion doesn't make anyone happy, it consumes one of our most valuable goods, time.

4.- Share useful information. If someone's going to spend time reading your messages, make it worth it. Social media is already full of noise, irrelevant content, and it's up to us to turn them into a valuable tool.

5.- Respect the basic standards of education. Being friendly is free, also on social media. Nobody likes to hook up with someone angry.

6.- Count to 10 before posting any message. Being aware of what we tell and how we tell others is essential to avoid misunderstandings. Read before publishing.

7.- Respect spelling. Our way of writing defines us before others on social media. The spelling exists to make the communication smooth, don't forget it.

8.- Share information about which you are an expert. It's with this kind of content that you can help others. Opinions on topics we barely know only make noise.