Climate is key in the economy of wellbeing

Climate is key in the economy of wellbeing

  • 04 DEC, 2019

In recent days, Madrid has become the world capital of climate by hosting the Annual Summit organized by the United Nations, called COP25. The meeting serves as a framework to advance in the development of programs and policies aimed at the conservation of the environment and to generate more awareness in society.

“Nature is an inalienable part of life. We are nature. So the change in the climate endangers the entire system”, says Luis Gallardo, founder of World Happiness Fest. "Science has shown what is happening and there are proposals on the table that when carried out can reverse the process", he says.

In his latest publication, The Exponentials of Happiness (teohlab), Gallardo focuses, as World Happiness Fest does, on the generation of a new system of integral development that takes into account the individual, their communities and the entire human group, which inevitably implies the defense of the ecosystem.

In Madrid, this process of reversing the damage caused to the planet can be promoted. The summit, which has the presence of different heads of state and representatives of more than 50 countries together with businessmen, scientists and NGOs, seeks solutions that mitigate the effects of climate change that already affects us all.

In addition to delving into the Paris Agreement, which has so far been the biggest deal on this issue, attendees will try to deepen other important decisions that establish obligations for all the countries involved.

For World Happiness Fest, the global forum that brings together opinion leaders and wellness experts, this global climate-focused event is an important opportunity to make real progress that points towards that development model based on everyone's well-being.

World Happiness Fest proposes a comprehensive social wellbeing model based on economy of wellbeing, in which the human being is part of the ecosystem and therefore must be part of the decisions and policies that are established. In addition, it focuses its vision on the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations.