Unique Executive program on Gross Global Happiness

Unique Executive program on Gross Global Happiness

  • 23 FEB, 2020

Do you want to be the new game-changer? Someone who will work on creating a profound positive impact around us; someone who brings about a positive change in the world we live in.

The world needs you. You will use joy, peace, mindfulness, intuition, compassion, and happiness as your weapons and guides to achieve this.

Gross Global Happiness, a unique program created and directed by Luis Gallardo at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica, will help you drive sustainable and remarkable impact, and extend that help to everyone else.

The first executive development program for the new type of leaders

This unique program was created to educate the new leaders, the new game-changers who will create the world dominated by peace and happiness.

The program is for international game-changers, corporate and institutional leaders and it incorporates six main elements:

1. Gross Global Happiness

The Gross Global Happiness is the most crucial element because this is what the new leaders need to strive for. It came to be from the Gross National Happiness, which was developed by the King of Bhutan. He made it because he realized that he needs to measure something far more important than what other countries measure with their GDPs and the rest – his peoples’ happiness.
Now is the time to implement something similar yet bigger, for the entire world.

2. All the intelligences

Intellect, Emotional Intelligence, and most importantly – Love Intelligence. These are the intelligences that every new leader needs to have to make a real change in the world. By knowing all of these, you will also learn about yourself and become that leader.

3. Awareness

To be a leader, you need to build your awareness. However, this program will teach how to honestly do that, by understanding and bringing into perspective what’s really going on. The program will teach you about mindful performance and conscious leadership, and you will then be able to apply all of that to your organization.

4. Belonging

The program will teach you that other people matter, that it’s essential for you to belong. This part is crucial because it leads to human connectedness, to real relationships, to the creation of communities of people who can change the world together.

5. Thriving through Flow

Flow is about the moments when you are so focused, so aware, that everything disappears. At that moment, you can fulfill any task because your performance is at its maximum.

6. How life works

Some would believe it to be impossible, but no, you can learn how life works. You can learn from others, and with others, because life is a system and we are all connected. By learning all of this, you can make the wisest of decisions.

These decisions, as well as the rest of the elements of this program,  will take you on a new journey – the one that can transform the entire world.

The world needs these new leaders. If you believe you can be one, contact us to learn more.