Presentation of the Social Wellbeing ebook at IMPACT HUB MADRID

Presentation of the Social Wellbeing ebook at IMPACT HUB MADRID

  • 29 FEB, 2020

Throughout the history of Humanity, philosophy and thought have presented us with two alternative models on the vision of the human being: the "good man" by nature of Rousseau versus the "bad man" of Hobbes. This duality has not only accompanied the intellectual and philosophical debates, but we can also see its trace in the past and differentiate the times in which a dark and tragic vision of life has prevailed over those times of brilliance and development.

A trilogy that promotes change and transformation: we close with this publication the trilogy started with “The Future of Work” and continued with “The Economy of Purpose”, in an exciting journey shared with dozens of exceptional people and professionals who have participated in This kaleidoscopic look oriented to the three systemic levels that represent the areas of action of Impact Hub:

The new organizational models, the new forms of work, profiles and competencies;
The new economy of impact with the purpose and values ​​as the central axis for a sustainable economic, social and environmental development;
A look at the person as an agent of social transformation, from the action-oriented personal consciousness as part of a global, systemic and collective process.

The ebook can be downloaded from the following link