World Happiness Fest 2020 underway!

World Happiness Fest 2020 underway!

  • 19 MAR, 2020

After months of preparation, and with a fast-paced countdown, World Happiness Fest 2020 was forced to fly at the last minute and adapt to the complex and difficult circumstances that we all have to live through. The event, which was to be in person, with Madrid as the setting for the debates, has been transferred to the online world, where the reality of a world in confinement is being paradoxically written at this time.

On Monday, March 16, we started the live connection on three platforms simultaneously at 14:00 Spanish time, which have allowed us to be followed by hundreds of people on Facebook and on our own website. We started with the Health and Mental Health day, also adapting the messages to the current moment and, as we are seeing, the reflections on Positive Psychology have taken on a relevant aspect, given the situation.

Likewise, the conference on Public Policies and the Welfare Economy, on Tuesday the 17th, coincided with the measures adopted by governments to try to alleviate the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, which reinforces the message in which the World Happiness Fest works. since its inception.

The reality of the moment has put our agenda in front of the mirror of today. The day of March 18, dedicated to Transformative Technologies, acquires great relevance, unimaginable until a few days ago, given the nature of the relationships of a confined but connected world

We are at the equator of the forum. We have never experienced such a situation in the world before, we are convinced that we will come out stronger from all this.