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Why be a strategic partner?

Being a strategic partner of the world’s largest Happiness event brings great value to your business.

Happiness in general and at work in particular is a global trend that is unstoppable and has come to stay.

Your participation in the WORLD HAPPINESS FEST is in line with the seventeen sustainable development goals of the United Nations, and furthermore, it represents an unquestionable competitive advantage because yours would be the only company in its sector that would accompany us at the Festival.

Beyond the contribution in corporate social responsibility that this alliance would mean for you, joining this great global project as a strategic partner would imply supporting such important values as leadership, modernity, respect for the company’s employees and their integral wellbeing, knowledge, progress, news, health, sustainability, education, etc.

All the strategic partners of the WORLD HAPPINESS FEST undoubtedly see their brand image and notoriety improved by the international, institutional, political and social impact of this Festival.

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