The 5th Ultimate Wellbeing In Education Conference

  • 17/10/2019


ARE in london



We are delighted to introduce our new webinar in alliance with Ipen: "The 5th Ultimate Wellbeing In Education Conference", where Sir Anthony Seldon, Paul Dolan, Kim Leadbeater and other speakers will tell us how to improve wellbeing education in schools. In this friendly meeting, we will learn how to prepare young people and teachers for a flourishing life through hands-on workshops, inspirational keynotes, take-away tips and practical advices.


Ipen and World Happiness in alliance

It is a great pleasure to have IPEN as part of the bē community as a strategic partner. 

Happiness is an ultimate human goal and a birth right, recognized unanimously by all member states at the United Nations. Even March 20th has been established as the International Day of Happiness (UNIDOH) to be celebrated by all, forever. As a member myself of the UNIDOH advisory board I’m committed to help to create awareness and bringing the benefits of choosing to be happiness to the largest number of people.

We believe that IPEN's passion, understating of the human being and the way they make decisions, as well as IPEN's values and beliefs, are already helping so many individuals. We admire the wisdom from this association and having IPEN at World Happiness Fest will be an honor.


Why attend?


Wellbeing and mental health are key issues for young people and schools are having to dedicate more and more time on them than ever before.

However, many schools are finding that in addressing these skills in PSHE and within the curriculum itself, they are spending much less time resolving problems, experiencing greater engagement and academic results!

Delegates will come away from this conference with advice on how to implement and measure wellbeing, increase student engagement and will return with a host of practical skills and tactics to use in the classroom to improve students’ wellbeing.

You will also hear inspirational and informative keynotes from sister of politician Jo Cox (Kim Leadbeater) and Paul Dolan (Professor of Behavioural Science in Psychological & Behavioural Science at LSE and author of Happiness By Design.



Topics & workshops include:

The What and Why of wellbeing measurement in schools
Happiness, it's causes and consequences
Bringing people together with 'More In Common': The role of education
Building Mental Health & wellbeing in children with SEN
Wellbeing in the primary classroom
Embedding Positive Education into the whole school
How can Compassion Education create happier schools and promote
individual flourishing
Developing the whole student: How to use character strengths to improve engagement, performance and satisfaction
A practical guide to teaching Relationships (new RSE directive)
How to use the power of your words to help your pupils thrive
How to teach students about their brain
Raising student's self-esteem for greater resilience and results



Join us for what has become a landmark series of events exploring ways in which both student wellbeing and staff wellbeing can be improved in schools, colleges and universities.

Through discussions and advice from a range of leading wellbeing and education experts you will leave with a thorough understanding of the need for wellbeing education and practical ideas on how to implement it in their schools.

Due to popular demand, we are adding workshops to the agenda to ensure every delegate returns to their schools with practical tools & takeaways.


The programme is being developed with our partners

  • IPEN
  • IPPA
  • University of Buckingham
  • HMC
  • Action for Happiness


Great networking opportunities exist with senior leaders, wellbeing leads and teachers involved in the implementation and day to day management of wellbeing within their schools and universities.

Hosted by Sir Anthony Seldon (Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, President of IPEN, and co-founder of Action for Happiness), the event will include a series of keynote address by experts, practitioners, and leaders in wellbeing and education.

This event will be of great value to anyone with an interest in education, but particularly for those in the education sector or working with young people:


Deputy Heads

Head Teachers
Teachers & lecturers
Wellbeing Officers and Directors
Pastoral staff
Boarding staff including Heads of House
Bursars and HR Managers
Heads of Year