Ágora  Costa Rica - San José

Ágora Costa Rica - San José

Fecha: Del 06/03/2020 al 08/03/2020
Dirección: Calle Llano Bonito
Localidad: San José
País: Costa Rica

Gross Global Happiness Summit 2020


Raj Raghunatan

Raj Raghunatan

Catedrático de negocios de Zale Centennial en la Escuela de Negocios McCombs de la Universidad de Texas en Austin

Mohit Muhkerjee

Mohit Muhkerjee

Director de la Universidad de la Paz

Luis Gallardo

Luis Gallardo

Fundador del World Happiness Fest


Información detallada

The Gross Global Happiness summit is an innovative executive education event in which people from all over the globe come to tackle these very questions.  We will learn, unlearn, and share experiences on the topic of happiness, bringing together a multitude of perspectives and expertise.
This experience will combine theory and practice, touching on the latest research from positive psychologists, but also delving into the practical applications of what we’ve learned and are still discovering in the field. Happiness will be brought front and center, as we explore and understand how people can lead happier, more meaningful lives.

More info: https://centre.upeace.org/gross-global-happiness/


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