Mahatma Gandhi – Peace and Truth at the Heart of Freedom

Mahatma Gandhi – Peace and Truth at the Heart of Freedom

Por  Luis Gallardo, Fundador y Presidente de World Happiness Fest

We all can agree that Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most exceptional human beings who has ever lived. His fight for freedom in the most nonviolent way imaginable is the stuff of legends, and deservingly so.

His actions have been studied for a long time and are essential knowledge we all should know. The man managed to free an entire country by relying on peace and truth only. He didn’t have to start a war, and he didn’t have to kill India’s oppressors.

Gandhi’s methods have inspired other prominent names of the 20th century like Martin Luther King Jr and James Bevel. We are positive that others will use him as an inspiration in the future as well and hopefully, we will one day live in a world where there will be no need for resistance, where humans will know happiness and no oppression.

Peace and Truth Are Everything

Mahatma Gandhi did not invent a perfect method for resistance, he only saw the British colonial oppression, and devised a movement that can be used by anyone who wants to fight for their civil rights and freedom.

His movement based on nonviolent civil disobedience, and it gained the name Satyagraha, which is the Sanskrit word for “holding onto truth.” He wrote about it in his book Non-Violent Resistance (Satyagraha).

Truth is the basis of the Gandhi movement. He knew that the only way to freedom is through peace and truth. Violence begets more violence, and Gandhi knew that. He saw no reason for fighting young British soldiers who were only following orders. He saw no reason for his people to die for freedom.

Gandhi found the solution in civil disobedience. One could even say that he knew that the truth would set the Indian people free. The British could not continue to control the Indian people forever when the Indian people wanted freedom and when their cause was just and right.

They eventually gained the freedom they wanted. It was because of the truths about only desiring peace and freedom. Without Gandhi, they would have probably gained independence finally, but at what cost? If it weren’t for Gandhi's inspiration and peaceful leadership, how many people would have died before they won the freedom for the remaining living ones?

The way Gandhi used shows us that it’s the right way to democracy, and the only worthwhile one. It shows us that truth and peace indeed are at the very heart of freedom. “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” He said it to teach us, but he proved it through his deeds as well.

He wrote about his path in his autobiographical book The Story of My Experiments with Truth. It’s a great read for all wishing to truly understand the legend.

All those wishing to bring about a positive change in the world and happiness should get inspired by Gandhi. His way should help us find our way to freedom and joy. And as Gandhi himself said: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

He knew that it all starts with us, and he also knew that we all have the power to change the world for the better, and bring happiness for everyone.

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Luis Gallardo, Fundador y Presidente de World Happiness Fest

Luis Gallardo is a social innovator and entrepreneur with the higher purpose of elevating the vibration of the planet by developing ideas, connecting thought leaders, activists and communities and increasing awareness on the science of happiness, holistic education and smart innovation.

Over the years Luis has been an advisor to CEOs, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, Nobel Laureates, political and institutional game changers on strategic personal positioning and brand building. That access to the brightest and most conscious individuals has inspired him to understand that the world needs new lenses to realize growth and how humans and societies can thrive.

Luis has worked too in the corporate world as a global executive and has been a protagonist of the transformation of industries such as professional services and the internet. Luis has been an international observer with the UN and OSCE in post-armed conflicts establishing democracy and the right to vote.

For Luis Happiness is a human right and a life choice, an enabler of human development and social innovation. That’s why he is committed to creating, with initiatives such as bē and the World Happiness Fest and World Happiness Virtual Agora, spaces for academics, activists, social innovators, scientists, governmental leaders, institutions and leaders, in general, to share and learn, to feel, understand and act towards a happier world and thriving societies.

Luis has been appointed by the UNIDOH (International Day of Happiness – March 20th) to serve as Advisor and to create the global strategy for the day.

“The world needs new lenses to understand growth and how humans and societies can thrive.”